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GST Return

Team Start-up Sahay offers an end-to-end GST service from registration to return filing along with GST reconciliation. Start-up Sahay helps you to file your monthly, and annual GST returns. Filing proper GST returns under the GST regime is crucial as non-compliance and delay can result in penalties and affect your compliance rating and refunds.

Services Covered

  • Personalized GST accountant
  • GSTR-3B & GSTR 1 return filing
  • E way Bill generation and Reconciliation service.
  • Input tax credit reconciliation
  • GST payment support
  • GST Annual Return filing for non-Audit Case

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Every person who is registered under GST is required to file GSTR-1 (Return of outward supply) till the 10th day of the subsequent month or quarter-end, GSTR-3B (monthly summary return) till the 20th of the subsequent month.

Traders and Manufacturers registered under the GST composition scheme are required to file GSTR-4 every quarter, till the 18th of the subsequent month next to the quarter. In the end, annual GST return is to be filed by all GST registered entities before the 31st of December of the subsequent financial year.

Further, all the GST returns that may be GSTR-1, GSTR-2A, GSTR-3B, GSTR-4, GSTR-8 or annual return are internally linked to each other due to which filing and reconciling of the data in an accurate method is very important.

Types of Returns under GST Entity

Return NameDetailsDue Date
GSTR-1Return of outward suppliesThe due date for filing GSTR 1 return is the 10th of every month/quarter
GSTR-2Details of inward suppliesSuspended temporarily
GSTR -3BTax summary of outward and inward supplies with tax detailsGSTR-3B is due on the 20th of every month
GSTR-4Return must be filed by taxpayer registered under the GST composition schemeGSTR-4 is a quarterly return that is due on the 18th of every quarter
GSTR-5Return by non-resident foreign taxpayerGSTR-5 is due on the 20th of every month
GSTR-6Monthly return by input tax distributor (ISD)GSTR-6 is due on the 13th of every month
GSTR-7Monthly return by tax deductor.GSTR-7 is due on the 10th of every month.
GSTR-8Monthly return by e-commerce operatorGSTR-8 is due on the 10th of every month
GSTR-9GST annual return for normal taxpayers. Details submitted with GSTR-9 must be audited if the entity has a turnover of more than rs.2 croresGSTR-9 is due on or before the 31st of December.
GSTR-10GSTR-10 return must be filed by any person whose GST registration has been cancelled or surrendered.GSTR-10 must be filed within 3 months of the date of cancellation order or surrender.

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GST Return

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